Product Developer Support
Visualization and performance evaluation of effects and effects in product development
  1. Evaluation of the efficacy of a substance
  2. Visualization of biological changes due to actions and movements
It is seen in the analysis

We support product development by comparing proteomics images and evaluate efficacy of various products and treatments

Analyzing components - Evaluate efficacy of existing New substances

Obtain scientific evidence to prove efficacy by investigating protein landscape after applying cosmetics or taking supplements.

■ Example

  • ・Efficacy evaluation of cosmetic raw ingredients
  • ・Development of customized cosmetics based on the user's inner body conditions
  • ・Efficacy evaluation of immunity enhancer
  • ・Assessment of breast milk composition and effects on children
  • ・Efficacy evaluation of supplements
  • ・Quality Control of specimens

Evaluation of the effects of actions and exercises on body

Efficacy of treatments and physical exercises in massages and rehabilitations can be visualised by monitoring changes in proteins comprehensively

■ Example

  • ・Evaluation of efficacy of massage
  • ・Evaluation of treatment for stiff shoulder and low back pain

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