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Protein exhaustively to visualize the, if possible comparison, it is understood that the health of the people

Our body is made up of many cells. What drives the cell is the protein (the molecular machine in the cell, which plays a variety of roles), the main role of this time, the protein.

Genes are said to be blueprints of the body because the blueprints of this protein are genes. However, just reading the blueprints (genes) does not tell what is happening at that time. On the other hand, examining what kind of proteins are made in the cell and turning them on / off in the whole cell can reveal everything that is happening in our body now.

Let's compare protein to various machines and human to one society. From various blueprints, various machines are made as needed according to the situation at the time, but if you see a lot of tanks and submarines in the city, you can judge that society is a war state at that time You. However, when the war ends and bulldozers and trucks become visible, the society can be determined to be rebuilding. In other words, the types and states of machines that support society (whether in hibernation or in operation) change according to the situation at that time, and by looking at the types and states of machines that are active there, the current state of the society can be understood. . Same for the body.

In this way, the type and state of the protein that exists in the body is constantly changing according to the state of the body at that time, and if you look at the current state of the whole protein, you can instantly understand the current body that's why.

If you can visualize the state of all proteins in the body as one picture, you can know the state of the body from the image. Also, comparing the images of the past, present, and future with those images makes it easy to see the changes in health status at a glance. In addition, proteins support the life activities of all living beings, not just humans, so (「Comprehensive visualization of the state of constituent proteins」) can be applied to understanding the health of all living things.

Unique biological judgment technology realized through industry-academia collaboration What is「AI proteomics」that makes health visible?

Observing the state of all proteins in the body in a comprehensive and bird's-eye view is called proteomics.

In two-dimensional electrophoresis, one of the proteomics technologies, the state of proteins in a living body is imaged as a single picture. The fact that this image is the ultimate living body judgment method is that the structure of the DNA that is the main body of the gene is solved, and the It has been said 30 years ago that it was understood that it could be made. However, until now, this image could not be obtained easily and in a short time, and for a long time this technology was used only in research and some advanced medical treatments.

However, recently, in the Tokyo Institute of Technology succeeded in developing a technique for obtaining this image easily, further, a large number of images obtained by this technique (big data) has also succeeded to be determined by the AI ​​(=“AI proteomics”).

Using this technology, logically, as long as AI can prepare data for learning, it will not only be able to detect illness very early, but also health management in everyday life, and not only humans but also livestock and animals. Vegetable quality control is also possible.

By high-quality data bank, the realization of a sustainable healthy society

In the AI ​​proteomics technology, you will be able to grasp all the health state if promoted the learning of AI. It does not is not necessary to learn the image data of the protein in various states in the AI ​​for that.

Therefore, in aiwell, in cooperation with a number of institutions such as the overseas bio bank, it has received an offer of a blood protein. In addition, by selling a small amount of blood collection kit, it has to also possible to obtain the individual's data

The provided protein data is properly managed in one storage location, and shared with various businesses such as hospitals and manufacturers, so that future users can always grasp the personal health status and receive prompt treatment. We aim to build a system that can provide useful services. With such a cycle, a sustainable healthy society can be expected.

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