Message from the President

New challenge visualizing the health of people

〜 Believing the potential of protein 〜

Just have to live with it after getting ill or injured?

In a busy working life, many people try to stay healthy or improve health conditions often by symptomatic therapy.

Checking our health conditions more easily and quickly is the key factor for health care.

It's why we focused on the potential of protein that controls every changes in our body.

So was the attention, the possibility of protein.

aiwell believes that protein monitoring is the solution to achieve healthy society of the future.

AI ​​proteomics realizes future-oriented health society.

We hope and are sure that our challenge will change the future of the world.


Eliminating illnesses from the world and keep people healthy


Eliminating illnesses from the world and keep people healthy

Promoting the development of next-generation infrastructure shaping the future


Special Message

The core of my thought is

「to help someone」

「to improve the world」

Population is aging quickly increasing the burden of medical expenses.

Through discussion with the local governments during my activities supporting the reconstruction of cities damaged by disaster, I feel that pro-active approach to health is not well deployed in local areas.

What local municipalities can do is really limited compared to big cities who have large budgets.

Even in the football world, only a few teams who has budget can carry out blood tests at affiliated hospitals.

But if only just a trace amount of blood is necessary, there is no need to visit the hospital and the blood test could be done at a low cost.

If AI proteomics becomes more common, physical condition could be monitored easily and could be improved before getting into a serious stage just by a small amount of blood collection.

I am fascinated by aiwell's business having a potential to prevent illnesses and injuries, improve health conditions on people's own.

Outside Director SEIICHIRO MAKI