Medical Personnel Support
Manage your health by regular monitoring
  1. Very early detection of changes in the body
  2. Personalized treatment and medication based on categorization of diseases
  3. Approach to unknown disease
  4. More efficient and improvement of drug discovery process
Potential things we could do

Find changes in the body at very early stage by looking at changes in proteins

Very early detection of changes in the body

We support management of physical conditions to stay healthy all the time by understanding changes in proteins that occur before subjective symptoms appear which will allow to detect diseases at an very early stage.

■ Example

  • ・Prediction of tendonitis in racehorses
  • ・Prediction of equine influenza

Classification of diseases

Different and customized treatments should be given depending on the types of diseases and the various status and conditions of the patients even if they are diagnosed with the same name of illnesses. Live information of proteins in the body explains the exact status of the diseases and helps to select appropriate drugs for the patients.

■ Example

  • ・Identification of patient types and establishment of appropriate drug selection process

Approach to unknown diseases, more efficient and improvement of drug discovery process

We support elucidation of mechanism and decision of treatment of unknown diseases such as intractable diseases as well as improvement of drug discovery processes etc.

■ Example

  • ・Elucidation of mechanism of specific diseases

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